About Ciao CBD

Welcome to Ciao CBD, a site dedicated to CBD wellness.

Today, more than ever, as we refocus on what’s important, we’re taking a step back from the frenetic pace of life and focusing on nurturing our wellbeing. Now we are discovering that CBD, taken as a daily supplement in the same way as vitamins, can help us achieve a more harmonious and balanced mind, body and soul.

I discovered CBD oil when I was asked to help reposition the brand of a medical marijuana doctor in the States and through that, I started reading more and more about CBD and its effect on the body’s Endocannabinoid System which regulates everything from sleep, appetite, pain, stress regulation, and our nervous and immune systems.

I was intrigued and started asking my friends if they’d heard of it. Yes they said along with lots of ‘isn’t that cannabis,’ ‘isn’t it illegal’, ‘doesn’t it make you high’ ‘but is it safe’ and ‘what’s in it?’

So in 2019, I started Ciao CBD as a way of providing the answers to the questions that I kept being asked. When I started the site the market here in the UK was just beginning to take off. Since then, to say that it’s grown would be an understatement.

Today, a category that started as a group of products on a single shelf in Holland & Barrett stores has entered the mainstream, and CBD brands can now be found everywhere – from John Lewis and Boots to Harrods and Selfridges.

There are so many CBD infused products to choose from – oils, capsules, vapes, beauty and skincare products that it can all be overwhelming if you’re new to CBD. So we help you navigate what’s out there writing about the brands and products with an objective consumer lens because at the end of the day we’re consumers too.

We want our site to be the place you come to for all things CBD related knowing that you’ll find a place that features the latest products and insights into what’s happening in the market.

We don’t claim to be doctors or scientists, and our focus is on CBD oil as an aide to wellness, not as a treatment for serious medical conditions – that’s best left to the doctors. We’re just here to inspire and guide you with carefully curated content you can learn from.

We’re so excited by the variety of CBD infused products we can all now buy and as women, we’re especially excited by the female-founded brands being launched with targeted products designed to help us manage the problems that are specific to us.

There really is so much to discover, and we’re so pleased you’ve decided to join our journey to CBD wellness.


CiaoCBD x