Avon Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Skincare

Avon wins rave reviews for its cannabis skincare

Avon wins rave reviews for its cannabis skincare

It’s a long time since I thought about Avon, let alone read one of their catalogues until that is, I heard they’d entered the world of cannabis and CBD skincare.

Yes, Avon is winning rave reviews for its new Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil skincare range and its CBD infused facial elixir.

Interestingly, Avon decided to launch the Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil range first and whether that was to test the water in terms of whether it would be acceptable to their customer base, only they know.

Whatever the reason, it’s a range that’s clearly been successful so they’re obviously on to a winner.

The Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil range

So what makes Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil such a good ingredient in skincare? Well, for a start, it’s renowned for its antioxidant, rejuvenating and soothing skincare properties.

It’s a brilliant way to comfort and nourish stressed-out, sensitive skin and, with the balance and hydration it offers, is perfect for parched skin.

The range itself consists of the four products below although we hear there are also plans to launch an illuminating essence and a sheet mask, so watch this space for those two.

  • Cannabis Sativa Oil Restore All-day hydration cream SF30
  • Cannabis Sativa Oil Restore & Calm Hand & Body Balm
  • Cannabis Sativa Oil Cleanse & Calm Transforming Oil To Milk Cleanser
  • Cannabis Sativa Oil Nourish & Calm Lip Balm

Aimed at the eco-conscious, wellness-focused customers, the products are all fragrance-free and dermatologically tested formulas, with no mineral oils, sulphates or phthalates. And, they all have recyclable packaging.

Cannabis and CBD skincare - Cannabis Sativa Oil

We love the fact that the hydration cream has SF30 and is packed with plant extracts such as Lavender, Rose, Bergamot, Peach and Camellia to name just a few. The best bit about this product is the price tag – just £8.50!

The Cleanse & Calm Transforming Oil to Milk Cleanser transforms from an oil into milk to dissolve make-up, leaving skin nourished, and the fragrance-free formula is dermatologically tested so works for all skin types. The price – £6.00.

The fast-absorbing Restore & Calm Hand & Body Balm soothes and comforts dry, itchy skin, leaving it feeling nourished and soft. Just like the hydration cream, it’s packed with plant extracts and at £6.00 for 150ml, it’s a bargain.

Finally, the fragrance-free nourish and calm lip balm form a barrier to protect lips against the elements, leaving them soft, smooth and nourished with long-lasting moisture.

Distillery CBD Batch 420 Facial Elixir

When it comes to skincare Avon has been leading the way in innovation since 1935, and so it is with CBD.

In a 2020 clinical study, Avon Scientists became the first to identify CBD’s direct link to anti-ageing when used as an ingredient in topical skincare.

They discovered that CBD can boost levels of certain Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) in skin cells, suggesting that CBD infused skincare can work as an effective anti-ageing ingredient.

In case you’re wondering what Heat Shock Proteins are, they are a type of molecular chaperone that protects the skin from stress which can lead to ageing. People with higher levels of HSPs tend to have fewer signs of ageing such as wrinkles.

Now Avon has taken that breakthrough and used it to develop the Distillery CBD Batch 420 Facial Elixir.

Part of a wider Distillery range of ‘clean’ skincare, the Elixir is a vegan CBD facial oil designed to harness the power of the cannabis plant to help reduce redness as well as nourish, soothe and calm stressed-out skin.

Cannabis and CBD skincare - Avon CBD Batch 420

The Details

  • Infused with CBD, Cannabis Sativa Seed and Jojoba Oils
  • Vegan and a low-water formula
  • Fragrance-free
  • Allergy, dermatologist and clinically tested
  • 30ml

To use, Avon recommends massaging 2-3 drops into clean, dry skin – morning and night before your day or night cream.

In the US, Avon has a full CBD range of skincare products called Veilment so it remains to be seen whether they add to the line over here in the Uk.

For now, we have to be content with the facial Elixir which at £25 is definitely in the affordable price range, and with Avon’s reputation for quality skincare, this is bound to be a good buy.

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