50% of Millennials would use CBD for mental health

In another sign of how far CBD is moving into mainstream acceptance, a recent research study showed that 50% of millennials, and 38% of all Brits, would to take CBD oil to treat a mental health condition rather than resort to prescription medicines.

The research, commissioned by Eco Scientific and reported on by Open Access Government covered a sample of over 2,000 adults living in Britain.

The findings showed that 50% of health conscious Millennials in the 18-34 age bracket are the group most likely to opt for CBD oil over prescription medicines with over 50% of them saying they would use it.

The survey highlights growing concerns over the strength of prescription medicines especially when it comes to mental health conditions with 30% of those surveyed - 47% amongst Millennials, - stating that they would be wary of approaching a doctor about their mental health for fear of being prescribed medication that may be too severe for their symptoms.

A more holistic approach to illness

With estimates showing 6m people in the UK suffering from an anxiety disorder and/or depression, awareness is growing along with a new openness to using CBD oil and other alternative therapies as natural ways to help manage symptoms. The report showed that 35% of Millennials would choose a holistic approach to manage any mental health issues. Non Millennials weren’t far behind with 24% opting for a more natural solution.

With opioid addiction, including from prescribed opioids, at crisis point, perhaps it’s not surprising that we are beginning to turn away from what we’ve always been told is the best solution, and look for natural alternatives.