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Picture: Ben & Jerry’s

Picture: Ben & Jerry’s


The rumours are true, Ben & Jerry’s have announced their commitment to launch a CBD-infused ice cream using sustainably-sourced CBD from our home state of Vermont. The catch… for now we' can only dream what it will taste like as any product will only hit the shelves ‘as soon as the use of CBD is legalised’ by the federal government for use in foods’. Sharing a mocked up image of what a Ben & Jerry’s CBD ice cream tub could look like, the CEO Matthew McCarthy said in a press statement ‘we’re doing this for our fans.

With the boom in CBD-infusions in just about everything, the issue of whether it should or shouldn’t be included in food and drink is the subject of much debate in the US. One of the reasons is the fact that when added to food and drink CBD is considered a prescription drug because it’s also the ingredient included in Epildiolex, an anti seizure medication for severe epilepsy, which just happens to be the only cannabis drug the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) has approved. That means that while you can enjoy CBD infused food and drink at state level, at a national level it’s illegal. It’s hardly surprising that everyone wants some clarity on the subject.

An important part of this process began on 31st May with a public hearing but it’s likely to be some time before we can dust off our running shoes for the dash - or will that be sprint - to the supermarket.


Image: Rudding Park Hotel & Spa, Harrogate

Image: Rudding Park Hotel & Spa, Harrogate

Harrogate’s Rudding Park Hotel & Spa has just become the latest hotel to start offering beauty treatments infused with CBD oil. In a collaboration with leading CBD oil brand MariPharm, the award-winning 4-star hotel has created the ‘CBD Experience’ a range of treatments infused with CBD oils to help manage pain, promote anti-aging, reduce anxiety and depression and support positive mental health.

The treatments include including CBD-infused baths, hot towel hand wraps, foot massages and for post treatments relaxation, guests will able to indulge with CBD infused tea and chocolates. MariPharm CBD products can also be added to some of the spa’s existing treatments for £15 supplement per person, £2 of which will be donated to the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre in Harrogate.

In a statement Rudding Park’s spa manager, Sarah Johnson, said, ‘As a new trend taking the wellness and beauty world by storm, it’s important for us to embrace CBD so we can offer guests what they are looking from a spa experience.”

For more information about Rudding Park’s CBD Experience click here


It’s been a long time coming but CBD finally gets an awards show of its own as Barcelona gets ready to host the first ever World CBD Awards. We’ve booked our tickets to the event which takes place between July 17-19 and will recognise and acknowledge companies who ‘stand out as clean, ethical and innovative’.

The Awards are not only important for the platform they will give to CBD brands, especially the smaller ones, they present an opportunity to set the bar higher and establish some much needed standards for a category that has exploded so quickly that regulation hasn’t been able to keep up. It’s about time that those brands who are producing innovative and ethical products receive some recognition and it will also help consumers who want to buy high quality CBD products. The ambition of the Awards is reflected in the sixteen categories categories which include:

  • Best Clinically Proven Brand

  • Best Pet Range

  • Best Cream/Balm

  • Most Loved Brand

  • Best Product Safety

  • CBD Innovation Award

  • Best Social Media Award

  • Most Charitable Company

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(Image: Eastnews Press Agency)

(Image: Eastnews Press Agency)

The last time we saw Tim Acton, he was part of the diving team who saved the youth football team trapped in a cave in Thailand. What we didn’t know was that as well as taking part in heroic rescues, he was also the co-founder of a CBD company. Now he’s just opened what’s being billed as the World’s first cannabis hotel.

In a report in the Metro, the Green Coffee Lab and Leafy Hotel in Colchester, Essex has just opened. The restaurant and bar will sell CBD infused cakes, coffee, tea, rum, gin and beer. Turns out that Tim has been in the CBD business for the last three years having started Canna CBD with his friend Greg Land. Now one of the biggest companies in the burgeoning UK CBD market, they’re branching out into hospitality.

So if you fancy a CBD infused weekend away at a hotel where even the light fittings are made of hemp and you get a complimentary CBD shampoo, you know where to go!

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