Is It Safe For Us To Buy CBD Oil On Amazon?


With big name retailers like Boots, Holland & Barrett and even Harrods now stocking CBD oil products to satisfy the growing public demand, you’d think that the world’s biggest online retailer Amazon would be groaning under the weight of every type of CBD product you can think of.

Well it is, and it isn’t. Do a search for CBD Oil on Amazon and you’ll be served with thousands of pages of products, all offering you a different ticket to health and wellness.  Yet the one thing these products have in common is that you won’t see the words ‘CBD oil’ on any of them.  Instead they’re listed as ‘Hemp Oil’, ‘Hemp Extract’ or ‘Hemp Oil Extract’.

So why, when everyone else is rushing to stock CBD oil products, even Harrods is now stocking a ‘high class’ version of Dragonfly CBD oil, is the world of CBD so vague on Amazon? 

Well it’s for the same reason you’re not likely to see any ads promoting CBD oil on the likes of Facebook or Instagram.  Despite being able to enter a CBD oil search and be served with the results, Amazon doesn’t allow the sale of CBD oil on their platform.  Confusing we know but this is where CBD’s relationship with marijuana becomes problematic, at least if you want to buy it on Amazon.

That’s because Hemp and Marijuana are both derived from the Cannabis plant.  Hemp, from the Cannabis Sativa strain and Marijuana, from either the Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica strains.  Hemp is cannabis that’s CBD rich and for it to be legal must contain less than 0.2% THC in the UK (0.3% in the US), the compound that makes you high. Marijuana on the other hand, contains more than the legal limit of THC hence its legal or illegal status, depending on where you are.  Unfortunately for hemp CBD, as it comes from the Cannabis plant, it’s suffered decades of bad publicity although thankfully as each new research study has demonstrated its numerous and seemingly endless health properties, that is a thing of the past.

This is what causes the problem with Amazon – unlike store retailers like Boots and Holland & Barrett who only stock Hemp CBD oil products that meet the legal requirements, and they have the infrastructure in place to check. With Amazon, anyone can set up a seller account and the nature of their business makes it impossible for them to have any way of checking each and every product for sale.  As THC heavy marijuana is still banned under Federal Law in the US (each state has different rules and regulations) and with Amazon being an American company, they’re not likely to take the risk of getting into trouble for selling products which may have more THC in them than what’s shown on the label. 

Should you buy ‘Hemp Oil’ on Amazon then?

If you’re new to CBD oil, at first glance Amazon offers a feast of products and often for far less than the ones you can buy in store or online CBD boutiques, so you may be tempted.  But there’s a big ‘but’ and that’s because whilst there are some genuine CBD oil brands on Amazon albeit they’re not actually using the letters CBD, a lot of them aren’t and for the most part you have no idea what you’re buying. 

As CBD is banned from the Amazon list of saleable products, the information necessary to determine whether it’s genuine or not can’t be listed.   That’s not to say that you can’t find good products on there - you just have to look hard to sort the wheat from the chaf. And as the CBD oil market is not yet regulated anyone can label a product ‘Hemp whatever’, insinuate that it’s CBD oil and start selling it.

So our advice to you is to tread carefully if you’re tempted to buy products on Amazon. Yes, the prices may be cheaper but trying to sort the reputable from the disreputable is not an easy task. It’s much better to know what you’re buying, where it comes from, and most importantly, what you’re putting into your body.   

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