Jelly Beans Founder Creates New CBD Line

Jelly Bean Founder David Klein

Jelly Bean Founder David Klein

There’s a new Jelly Bean in town, and this time it’s infused with CBD oil. Creator of the original Jelly Bean David Klein has done it again and launched a new line of CBD-infused jelly beans. Available in 38 flavours, the new line is not sold under the Jelly Bean label but through his own company Spectrum Confections

Klein, who has been in the business for over 45 years told Cannabis Aficionado “I love candy, not a day goes by where not only do I eat candy in some form, but I think about new candy ideas.”

Klein recently became aware of the benefits of CBD, he explained, “And I said to myself, ‘is anybody doing a jelly bean with CBD?’” When he couldn’t find any he did what most inventors do; he created his own.

The beans, which each contain 10ml of CBD, come in flavours such as toasted marshmallow, cinnamon, and mango, and are available in sour, original, and sugar-free versions. Each bean has 10ml of CBD and Klein explains that ‘If people want a small dose, they eat one. If they want 20 ml, they can eat two,' he said. 'They can decide what their proper dosage is.'

Edibles are one of the fastest growing categories in the burgeoning CBD market and Klein’s new range of CBD-infused Jelly Beans are just the latest edible to hit the market, but before you go rushing off to your local sweet store, as far as we know you can only buy them from Klein’s Spectrum Confections website on a wholesale only basis.