Spreading CBD Positivity One T-Shirt At A Time

CBD Positive T-Shirts.jpg

There I was updating my Instagram feed when I came across a post featuring a T-shirt with a CBD affirmation emblazoned across the front, so I just had to get in touch with the company making them.

Turns out the brand behind the t-shirts is CBD Positive, a small company from Texas , a state where CBD is beginning to take off. CBD Positive’s philosophy is built around the notion that whilst you may not be able to change the world as a whole, you can change someone’s whole world. Their mission is to use clothing as a light-hearted way to promote the serious benefits of CBD.

Their founder, Zach Busse told me that he passionately believes that CBD can help us to lead better and more fulfilling lives. He plans to build a global movement of CBD positive companies and people to create unity, promote education, challenge perceptions and spread the word that CBD is a powerful force for good. 

Zach said that as the industry continues to grow, using clothing to communicate positive messages also helps to confront the lingering stigma around anything to do with cannabis. We love this idea and couldn’t agree more!

You can find the CBD Positive range on sale here