The CBD Yoga Class

The ‘Cannabilis’ fitness class has arrived

Grab your yoga mat and get down to a branch of London fitness chain Gymbox to experience their CBD infused ‘Cannabliss’ muscle rehab class.

Billed as a class that promises to relieve everyday stress and anxiety by getting rid of muscle tension, class attendees are given a CBD patch to apply to their arm to deliver a steady stream of the oil into the body. The anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD benefit the wearer as they go through the stretches during the class. According to Gymbox, Cannabliss has become one of its most popular classes since its launch.

In an interview with Women’s Health magazine Gymbox master trainer, Firas Iskandarani, said that Cannabliss is innately relaxing thanks to a combination of stretching, slow breaths and deep massage of areas such as the glutes and quads. Iskandarani said, ‘A lot of people tell me after doing this class: “I had the best night’s sleep of the week.” “The breathing and the CBD patch catalyse everything and make the relaxation exercises work more effectively.’

He decided to introduce CBD patches in a new class after reading about its potential benefits for relaxation. “Because the patch’s effects last six hours, you get a longer experience,” he says. “Cannabliss relaxes and eases all tension from both body and mind. With the effect of the CBD patches you enter a relaxed state which makes it easier to give in to the uncomfortable mobility work and go deeper into stretches to get rid of any tension. The feeling you get after class is a blissful mind-body connection.”

According to Gymbox, the ‘Cannabliss’ class has become one of their most popular classes since its launch. If you want to try the ground-breaking class, check out the list of gyms offering the classes here.