The One Where I Tried A CBD Facial

As CBD continues to weave itself into the world of beauty the cannabinoid’s reported anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties have inevitably found their way into facials.  I wanted to experience what a CBD facial was like for myself so after looking into the treatments available (which at this stage are quite few and far between) I decided to try the award-winning Blush + Blow salon in London’s Parsons Green

 They offer two types of CBD oil facial – the Detox and the Detox Microdermabrasion.  I had initially decided to try the Microdermabrasion but as I was 15 minutes late courtesy of London Underground, I didn’t have time so it was the Detox for me.  Actually, thinking back I was so stressed when I arrived that I should have asked for a few drops of the CBD oil to calm down.   

The Products

Blush + Blow use the new Cannabis anti-aging skincare range from Kannaway which includes five hemp-infused products as well as a proprietary blend of natural botanical ingredients including Goji Berry, Dragons Blood and Rosehip.  The range is formulated to work together as a complete routine to cleanse, moisturise, nourish and protect the skin.  It’s also environmentally friendly as it contains no herbicides, pesticides as well as being non GMO.

The Cannabis Beauty Skincare Range by Kannaway

The Cannabis Beauty Skincare Range by Kannaway

The Treatment

To start the facial my therapist Abbi double cleansed my skin using the Burdock & Hemp Cleanser followed by the Liquorice & Hemp Exfoliator to get rid of any dead skin.   Next came the Green Tea & Hemp Perfecting Mask which was left on for 20 minutes with a warning that it might sting as the active ingredients bring the blood to the surface which I presume is in preparation for the facial massage.  To be honest, I didn’t find it too uncomfortable, more like a strong tingling but as you get to choose between a head or neck massage while it’s working, any tingling is very soon forgotten about.

The real star of this treatment is the CBD oil face massage with Kannaway’s Pure Gold CBD Oil which contains 1000mg of CBD.  A very liberal dose of the oil is applied and then the 20-minute lymphatic drain facial massage takes place. 

I love facials and for me, the massage is the critical point because in my opinion you can see the effect of a good massage for days after.   I’m glad to say that Abbi’s massage was up there with the best and even if you don’t go for a CBD facial I would highly recommend that you book her for any of their other facials that includes a massage because I could literally feel my face being lifted and reshaped as she worked.   Top tip:  the oil will still be visible on your face which you’re supposed to allow to completely absorb so it’s best to have this facial the day before a big event. 

Once the massage was over an application of the White Peony & Hemp Serum was applied followed by the Ginseng and Hemp Moisturiser to finish everything off.

 The Verdict:

 The combination of the hemp infused products and the CBD oil did leave my face glowing the next day which is unusual as I don’t normally see any real difference until a few days after a facial.  The other thing I noticed was that my skin felt very soft.  The products do work well together, and I did see the difference.  I was also lucky in that my therapist Abbi, was very good.  So, my verdict is that if you’re curious about a CBD facial then I’d strongly recommend you book yourself in for either the Detox or Microdermabrasion CBD facials at Blush + Blow. 

 The CBD Detox Facial is £90 for 1 hr at Blush + Blow