Why I'm not just not into these CBD drinks

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With no product seemingly safe from being infused with CBD, I’m on a mission to try all the ones I can find whether that’s skincare, facecare, oils, balms, bath bombs or drinks - I want to experience them all.   And as I’ve long been intrigued by the growing number of CBD drinks on the market I popped into my local branch of Holland & Barrett to see what they had to offer. 

The two drinks I found there were Botanic Lab’s ‘Dutch Courage’ and Love Hemp Water’s Spring Water so into the basket they went, and after trying them, here’s what I thought.

Botanic Lab ‘Dutch Courage’

The first soft drink in the UK to contain CBD, Botanic Lab’s ‘Dutch Courage’ is a botanical tea drink made with Sour Cherry, Green Tea and Hibiscus extract along with 5mg of botanical hemp CBD extract.  Famed for their plant-based tea drinks, this is one of two CBD drinks Lab Botanic offer, the other being their ‘Mellowdrama’ cold pressed shot. 

If you’re wondering why the tea is called ‘Dutch Courage’ it’s because it was specifically created to utilise the reported benefits of CBD as a way to reduce anxiety, so the plan is that we turn to this drink instead of alcohol when we’re feeling nervous in social situations. 

As a drink it’s actually quite nice, with the taste of the cherry coming through quite strongly, and this is something you can imagine sipping with ice on a hot summer’s day - or evening.

Love Hemp Water Spring Water

Billed as the first ‘functional spring water in Europe to be infused with cannabis oil’ each 500g bottle of Love Hemp Water contains 2mg of CBD.  Targeted at the health and fitness conscious consumer who wants to stay hydrated or replenish fluid levels after a workout, the water took Love Hemp Water’s research and development team 9 months to perfect.   

The natural spring water is rich in minerals infused with CBD hemp droplets.  The benefit comes from the way the patented water-soluble CBD extract is blended into the water to provide maximum bio-availability.  In plain language, according to Love Hemp Water this allows for ‘faster update because it has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier for superior absorption compared to any oil-based CBD product on the market’.  Bit of a mouthful, but at least now we know.

As for the taste, well it’s clearly water but there is an oily aftertaste which must be the CBD infusion which isn’t unpleasant. Drink enough and you’d soon get used to it.

 The Verdict

From what I can gather, both brands have been successful and are now stocked in high street health stores and supermarkets.  As drinks, they’re inoffensive and do demonstrate the many ways CBD can be incorporated into our daily lives and in this case, they would make great additions to my daily fluid intake.

However, when I started this site I set out to be honest in my reviews of products, good or bad, and I’m just not convinced with these two.

For a start, the amounts of CBD they contain is so small - 2mg (Love Hemp Water) and 5mg (Botanic Labs) that I doubt it would make any difference to my overall sense of wellbeing especially if I was only drinking one bottle a day.  I really would have to drink a fair few bottles before the cumulative effect of the CBD kicked in.

And that brings me to my next point which is the price. If I limited my intake to one bottle a day, 99p for the 500mg bottle Love Hemp Water and £1.99 for Botanical Lab’s Dutch Courage would soon add up over the course of a month and make it quite an expensive indulgence.

So overall, I think these are great if you want to try what a CBD infused drink tastes like, want to use in addition to CBD oil, or in the case of Love Hemp Water you want to add a little extra something o your post workout hydration.   But as a standalone drink, I struggle to see what the real benefits are. That’s not to say that I’m condemning all CBD drinks, I just wouldn’t replace my trusted bottle of CBD oil with one.

 You can buy Love Hemp Water and Botanic Lab ‘Dutch Courage’ in the CBD section at Holland & Barrett