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Dr Ed CBD add more products to their range

We love to see how the companies we’ve interviewed in the past are getting on so we’re delighted to see that Dr Ed CBD has been going from strength to strength.

Dr Ed CBD was co-founded by neuroscientist Dr Edward Jones, who along with his business partner Alex McMillan, set out to create a range of next-generation CBD oils to target the day to day issues we all suffer from such as a lack of energy, or stress and anxiety.

The end result was the launch of a set of 4 targeted CBD oil blends each falling into a specific category: Energy, Calm, Relief and Focus.

Since that initial launch, Dr Ed’s background has seen him become a leading voice within the UK CBD market especially on the need for greater consumer education.

Dr Ed CBD Production Facility Stockport
The Dr Ed CBD Production Facility, Stockport. Image: Manchester Evening News.

We now have 3 new CBD oil variants from Dr Ed – Libido, Vita, and Rest and this time they come accompanied by CBD infused capsules, bath salts, massage oil, creams and bundles.

As with the original range, the new products have all been developed and produced at their state of the art production facility in Stockport where scientists blend a major fat from coconut with 90% broad-spectrum CBD extracted from Californian hemp.

The CBD oil is then mixed with essential oils called terpenes which are aromatic compounds found in many plants including Cannabis.

For example, the Energy CBD oil contains their proprietary ENERGY Terpene Blend of Humulene, Eucalyptol, and Beta Pinene.

Knowing the rigour that goes into their products the new additions we’ve tried are as good as the original range and we particularly liked the Dr Ed CBD Relief oil and cream. Here’s what you can now find at Dr Ed.

The Dr Ed CBD Libido Bundle

Dr Ed CBD Libido Bundle

CBD has been shown to target the serotonin system which is a key regulator of libido and sexual drive so the Dr Ed range now includes products created to support healthy libido in a safe and natural way.

A sell-out at launch, the line-up includes the Dr Ed CBD Libido oil which is a potent blend of CBD, Maco Root and Tyrosine. The long-lasting Dr Ed CBD Lubricant which being water-based is condom friendly and non-toxic.

Finally, there’s the Dr Ed CBD Massage Oil infused with Ylang-Ylang, which contains a unique blend of three vitamin-rich oils – sweet almond, evening primrose and tamanu.

Combined with 100mg of CBD the oil helps to encourage healthier, younger-looking skin – all three products are available from Dr Ed as a bundle or individually.

You can also buy bundles in the Calm, Relief, Energy and Rest CBD ranges.

The Dr Ed CBD Oils

Dr Ed CBD Oils

The Dr Ed CBD oil lineup now has 7 oils, all made with broad-spectrum CBD oil and with no THC – the Cannabis compound that causes a high.

They’re also all vegan-friendly, organic and cruelty-free and each oil is blended with a range of Terpenes known for their ability to help manage a variety of conditions.

We’ve already looked at the Libido oil above so let’s look at the rest of the Dr Ed CBD oil range.

  • Dr Ed Calm CBD oil – The most popular oil from the range, the Dr Ed CBD Calm oil contains a blend of naturally calming terpenes which includes Myrcene, Terpinolene, Citral and Limonene.
  • Dr Ed Rest CBD oil – Slow your mind and ease yourself into a comfortable sleep with the Dr Ed CBD Rest oil which contains the essential amino acid L-tryptophan which is the precursor to the sleep hormone melatonin, Vitamin B3 and L-theanine which has been studied for its ability to reduce cognitive stress.
  • Dr Ed Relief CBD oil – Designed to support the body the Dr Ed CBD Relief oil has been developed with the highest-quality ingredients to increase absorption rates. The terpenes in the Relief oil include Citral, Beta Carotene and Linalool.
  • Dr Ed Focus CBD oil – Helps to support concentration another popular oil from the range it helps to enhance clarity and focus.
  • Dr Ed Energy CBD oil – Specially designed to naturally support mental and physical energy levels with a unique blend of carefully selected terpenes – Humulene, Eucalyptol and Beta Pinene.
  • Dr Ed Vita CBD Oil – Acts as an all in one wellness solution, coupling CBD with a multivitamin complex that contains over 30 vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients, all of which are essential or contribute to the maintenance of good health.

The Dr Ed CBD Capsules

Dr Ed CBD Capsules

The Dr Ed Vita Capsules contain a 20mg blend of high-grade CBD with a multivitamin complex of over 13 vitamins and 16 minerals which are essential for the maintenance of good health.

The vitamins and minerals included have all been chosen to support a healthy immune system, brain function and digestive health.

The Dr Ed Energy Capsules contain a blend of CBD with 50mg of purified caffeine per capsule to help you perform at your mental and physical peak. This blend is ideal to get you ready for a busy day ahead, before physical exercise or to clear brain fog.

The Dr Ed Rest Capsules contain CBD as well 50mg L-tryptophan, a precursor to the sleep hormone melatonin, and 50 mg L-theanine, studied for its ability to reduce cognitive stress.

The Dr Ed CBD Bath Salts

Dr Ed CBD Bath Salts

The soothing Relief bath salts are designed to relax the body and are great for sore muscles and joints. The salts contain 60mg of high-grade CBD (all their bath salt mixes contain this amount) and are infused with a wide range of soothing ingredients including essential oils and extracts from thyme, rosemary and marjoram.

The Rest bath salts are a gentle mixture of CBD with essential oils and plant extracts known to promote rest including geranium, chamomile and mandarin. Ideal if you’re looking for a more restful sleep, just take a bath an hour or two before bedtime.

The Calm bath salts are a relaxing bath salt mixture designed to soothe and balance your mind before or after a stressful day. The CBD is blended with a range of luxurious essential oils and plant extracts including lavender, bergamot and rosewood.

For 20% off any Dr Ed CBD product, just type CIAOCBD in the checkout code box.

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