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From oils to vaping, 6 easy ways to use CBD

Whether you’re looking to take CBD as a daily wellbeing supplement or as part of your skincare routine, here’s our quick guide to easy ways to use CBD.

If you’re never used CBD before and you’re planning on taking it as an oil, capsule or via a vape pen, we recommend that you start with a low dosage first to see how you get on before moving on to a higher dose.

As with most supplements, you’re going to be putting CBD into or onto your body so look for a reputable brand so that you know exactly what you’re buying, before you buy.


Ways to use CBD

Place a few drops or spray directly under your tongue and hold it in your mouth for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. For accurate measurement look for oils with a measuring pipette so you know you’re taking the right amount.


Ways to use CBD

Not all of us can like the taste of CBD oil, especially if it’s in a hemp seed carrier oil so if that’s you, why not take your daily dose in capsule form just as you would any other supplement.


Ways to use CBD

Fast becoming one of the most popular ways to take CBD, just eat a gummy or piece of Chocolate, or add the CBD oil straight to your food. Edibles are not only discreet, they’re a great choice to take CBD on the go.


Ways to use CBD

About 50% of what we put onto our skin gets into the bloodstream so applying a CBD infused patch is an incredibly efficient way of ensuring delivery straight into your system.


Ways to use CBD

Use a vaporizer pen to deliver a high concentration of CBD and maximise the impact. These days, vape pens are more sophisticated with CBD oils that help manage a range of conditions like stress and anxiety.


Ways to use CBD

Topicals are CBD-infused products that you apply to your skin like creams and serums. CBD skincare products such as balms are gaining in popularity as an effective way of minimising muscle pain after sports or for soothing dry skin.

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