The elderly and CBD

Here’s why older people are feeling the benefits of CBD

Here’s a short story about the benefits of CBD. A few months ago, a friend of mine asked if I could help her find some CBD oil for her 82-year-old mum to try as she wanted to try something more natural as a way to help manage some of the symptoms she was experiencing from arthritis.

We did our research into the various products available and settled on Kiki Health 10% CBD Oil which is higher than I would normally suggest for a beginner but her mother was adamant that she wanted to start with a stronger level of CBD.

She planned to use the oil in combination with a CBD pain relief cream by the American brand Tru-Releaf. In one of those strange quirks of fate, my friend had got talking to the founder on a flight and he’d given her a free bottle to try!

Within a month of using a combination of the oil and cream, her mum had noticed a definite improvement in her mobility which I witnessed myself when I spent a week at their home in France. Now I’m not saying that she was dancing around the room to music but as she herself said, the CBD had made a big difference.

A lot has been written about CBD and its potential impact on health conditions but as there is still a lot more research to be carried out, brands are not allowed to make any medicinal claims about either CBD or their products.

However, my friend’s mum joins the growing list of anecdotal evidence that suggests CBD can have a positive impact in helping to manage certain symptoms that arise from conditions, and the elderly are beginning to use it to do just that.

51% of US seniors reported having an improved quality of life after taking CBD

In a recent article, Forbes reported the findings of a study of 1,000 seniors in the US aged 54+ by Remedy Review. The survey found that of the 9% of seniors who had tried CBD for health-related reasons, 51% of them reported having an improved quality of life afterwards. Over 65% of the seniors who had tried CBD said that their quality of life was good, while only 31.1% said the same before trying CBD.

Nearly 55% of those surveyed said they prefer CBD drops

When it comes to how they prefer to take their CBD, 54.4% of the seniors surveyed said they preferred to take drops directly into the mouth, while 21.2% said they preferred to add the drops into a beverage, and another 21% said they prefer CBD edibles.

Capsules weren’t as popular as you may think with just 15.6% taking this form of CBD although as capsules can be quite big they may prove harder to swallow for the elderly. Unsurprisingly, only 10% of the survey said they vaped or smoked their CBD.

Why they’re using CBD

Despite the fact that we’re not supposed to mention the reasons the seniors surveyed are taking CBD, the fact is they are using it to help relieve a number of health issues:

  • 42% said said they were taking CBD to deal with inflammation
  • 40.9% to deal with chronic pain
  • 38.6% said they were giving CBD a try in order to deal with poor sleep quality
  • 31.8% used CBD to deal with arthritis pain
The benefits of CBD

They say it’s making a difference

Just like my friend’s mum, these seniors are noticing the impact incorporating CBD into their daily wellness regime can have with 61% of them saying it had helped to reduce pain, and 45.6% reporting improved sleep quality. From an emotional perspective, they also reported that it was helping to reduce anxiety, stress relief and improve their mood.

The Remedy Review study joins other research studies that show taking CBD can and is benefitting seniors. For example, a 2017 study found that ten men who took 600 mg of cannabidiol had reduced blood pressure although before we get too excited, it did state that more research was needed before any conclusions could be drawn.

However, whilst there is so much to discover about the benefits of CBD oil for the elderly, the fact that its use already appears to have reaping dividends can only be a good thing.

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