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James reviews the Loewe Scent of Marihuana candle

James reveiws the Loewe Scent of Marihuana candle

Back in February, we showcased the brands bringing the scent of cannabis candles into our homes. That was all it took to get our friend James to put fingers to keyboard and order a candle for himself! He eventually settled on the Loewe Scent of Marihuana candle and we were keen to discover whether it lived up to expectations and passed his very stringent criteria.

Now, before we delve into what James had to say, we don’t think he would mind our describing him as a connoisseur of luxury candles. There are very few that he hasn’t smelt the aroma of which explains why he is our go-to man when we’re looking for recommendations on what candles we should be scenting our homes with!

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Lover of luxe candles, James Myers

Some background on Loewe

If you already know about Loewe, you’ll know that they’re beloved by fashion industry insiders. If you don’t, it’s a luxury Spanish fashion house and having been founded in 1846, it’s the oldest company in the LVMH stable of uber-luxe brands. Until recently, they were primarily known for their ready to wear clothing and beautifully crafted leather bags.

However, that was before Northern Irish designer Jonathan Anderson took the reins as Creative Director in 2017 and promptly set about transforming Loewe into a house fit for the 21st Century.

A designer for our times, his forward-thinking interpretation of what fashion needs now has put Loewe firmly back on the map. It also led to the launch of the first-ever Loewe home fragrance collection in 2020.

The home fragrance collection includes ‘potted candles’ in ribbed terracotta pots (worth the price alone), candlestick shaped candles, liquid and solid soaps and room sprays with scents inspired by vegetable gardens such as tomato leaves, coriander, beetroot, liquorice and of course, the Scent of Marihuana.

The scent is described as having a ‘mid-intensity fragrance with a herbal scent that evokes the soothing aroma of the Sativa Herb. It reveals delicate woody notes once lit.’ So we wanted to know if this is what it really smelt like and now, we’re about to find out.

What James thought of the Loewe Scent of Marihuana candle

I love candles and there’s always one burning in my house so when I found out that Loewe had launched a Marihuana scented one, I just had to try it.

First of all, the packaging, as you would expect from a luxury fashion house is very stylish. However, when I opened it I did expect a little more considering the cost of the candle but I guess this is a designer label after all, so you are paying for the branding and buying into the Loewe history and heritage.

The green pot that holds the candle is beautiful though and will definitely be one to keep long after the candle has finished. Smell wise, it really is a distinctive mix of citrus and cannabis and we loved the way it fragranced our living room.

It filled the room with exactly the right amount of scent without being overpowering – and maybe I’m getting a bit giddy but I found the smell relaxing and fell asleep on the sofa but in reality, I could have just been overtired that night!

Considering we only light the candle on special occasions (weekends and when we have company) it’s lasted quite a while and we always get compliments on the smell. I do like watching people’s faces when I tell them that it’s a marijuana scented candle!

I’ve actually sent quite a few of my friends and family the link to the home fragrance section of the Loewe website, and if I’m in the area I always find an excuse to spend some time in their concession at Selfridges. My husband, who loves CBD products says he finds the candle really calming and feels that it has positive effects on his wellbeing.

The verdict

As a sensory experience, the Loewe candle is up there with the best of them but would I buy it again? It is pricey but on the plus side, it’s a lovely candle and I love the terracotta pot, so on balance, yes I would definitely be tempted to buy another one on my next trip to Selfridges!

Buy from Loewe – £73

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