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Lady A CBD: the luxury brand reimagining female wellness

In the second of our stories on female-founded CBD brands, we focus on Lady A CBD – a brand that’s helping redefine female wellness.

The elegant designs of the Lady A line of CBD products and the fact that they have achieved what must be a first for a CBD brand – coverage in design bible, Wallpaper, is yet another example of how the UK CBD industry is not only coming of age but is being taken more seriously.

These are products that you don’t want to hide away but proudly display for all to see. Hardly surprising that they should look so good and yes, upmarket too when you consider that behind the brand stands Alexandra Dunhill, the great-granddaughter of tobacconist and luxury goods founder Sir Alfred Dunhill.

With that background, it was probably always in the stars that Alexandra would create her own luxury brand, which she has done with a tailored range of premium products to help women incorporate CBD into their lifestyles in a simple, stylish way.

Every detail has been carefully considered

You can’t miss Lady A with its striking product and packaging design and it was Alexandra, whose first love is painting, who teamed up with London branding agency, NB Studio to create them.

The products are encased in covetable white boxes featuring Alexandra’s own vibrant marbling designs which contrast with crisp, authoritative gold lettering against a white background.

The gold against white theme also features on the actual products to create a distinctive visual identity that over time, will become synonymous with the brand. And we may be wrong, but the ‘A’ component of the design looks very much like cigar paper which may be a touching tribute to Alexandra’s grandfather.

Discussing the designs in an interview with Tatler, Alexandra explained that ‘Painting is my first love and marbling is something I’ve done whenever I needed to step back from the world and lose myself in the swirls. I wanted to bring my design sensibilities and a real sensory feel to Lady A to give it that luxe, intimate feel’.

When I chatted to Alexandra over the phone, she told me that the inspiration for starting the brand came after witnessing the positive impact CBD had on her son Piers after he started using it to help manage his anxiety.

It never fails to amaze me how so many founders are inspired to start their own brand after experiencing the benefits of CBD either for themself or someone close to them – and usually in relation to helping manage conditions like stress and anxiety.

And so it is with Lady A, which is clearly targeting a more aspirational woman, tapping into the desire, especially in a post-Covid world, to adopt a more holistic natural lifestyle with wellness at its heart.

The Lady A products

There’s no denying that the obvious effort and attention to detail that has gone into the packaging and product design firmly positions the brand in the luxury CBD market.

However, the design details are just part of the story because behind the premium image lies a line of products that are just as premium.

The range itself is comprised of products that are intended to be seamlessly incorporated into an existing wellness regime so you’ll find CBD tinctures, capsules, patches and a healing balm.

There’s also a line of Vape pens and to date, Lady A is the only UK brand that we know of that has developed vapes specifically for the female market.

Each product contains a blend of Broad Spectrum CBD containing around 15 cannabinoids and 20 terpenes, which work in synergy to enhance what is known as the entourage effect, and help to promote wellness, balance, and a sense of calm in our body’s own natural Endo-cannabinoid system.

The hemp-derived CBD is grown and harvested in Colorado then shipped to the UK where the tailored blends are created by a team of scientists and CBD experts, with each product specifically designed to enhance female wellbeing.

The CBD Tinctures

Lady A CBD Tinctures

All Lady A’s tinctures are organic, vegan, and gluten-free with broad-spectrum CBD. The tinctures all come in two strengths – 750mg and 1500 mg, with the added inclusion of a 2250mg CBD infusion in the Anytime range.

Morning Tincture

The Lady A Morning Tincture is designed to awaken, revive and enliven with a blend of turmeric, CBD broad-spectrum hemp extract, rosehip oil, and blood.

It also contains Vitamin D to help support the immune system and with the inclusion of turmeric and rosehip oil, it helps to reduce inflammation and improve immune function too.

Evening Tincture

The Lady A Evening Tincture will help you to relax and unwind with its blend of chamomile, broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract, hemp seed oil, and a delicious chocolate mint infusion.

The chamomile extract helps aid sleep and relaxation whilst the garden mint and chocolate infusion make for the most decadent nightcap. This blend sounds absolutely yummy!

Anytime Tincture

The Lady A Anytime Tincture is a natural blend of broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and hemp seed oil created to provide calm and clarity to restore natural balance throughout the day.

The Daily Fix Capsules

Lady A Daily Fix CBD Capsules

Voted ‘Best Vitality Boost’ at the Red Beauty Awards, the Lady A Daily Fix Capsules gently build up the level of cannabinoids in the body.

Like the Anytime Tincture, the capsules are designed to provide calm and clarity and include a reviving blend of matcha green tea, broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract and rosehip oil.

The daily capsules help to clear the mind, sharpen focus and soothe stress with the anti-oxidant-rich matcha green tea providing a slow release of caffeine throughout the day so you can avoid the jitters you might experience from a cup of coffee.

As the capsules are absorbed into the body at a slower rate than the Lady A tinctures, they’re ideal if you’re looking to experience a more gradual effect throughout the day.

Everyday Healing Balm

Lady A Everyday Healing CBD Balm

I’m addicted to CBD balms but Lady A’s Everyday Healing Balm is one of my favourites. Designed to complement the tinctures, it’s not only the gorgeous smell – it’s infused with lemongrass and ginger essential oils, that had me hooked, the balm just works brilliantly.

I use it when my neck and shoulders are sore and it’s also excellent for moisturising dry feet – massage it in before you go to bed, add some cotton socks and you’ll notice the difference the next morning.

The essential oils are rich In antioxidants and help to enhance the skin’s overall brightness, tone, and texture whilst the balm also helps to ease swelling and soothe the mind. It also provides an extra level of relaxation for those times when you’re feeling tense.

Daily Relief Patches

Lady A Daily Relief CBD Patches

Only available online, the Lady A Daily Relief Patches are, as the name suggests, designed to provide targeted relief wherever your body needs it such as the top of your arm or shoulder.

The patches have been specially formulated to wear all day and gradually release 10mg of CBD over a 24 hour period. Activated by your own body heat, the patches will help to soothe aches, ease strains and release tensions.

Natural CBD vape pens

Lady A Natural CBD Vape Pens

Designed for everyday use, the Lady A Natural Vapes are formulated to help revive the senses, soothe stress and restore balance throughout the day.

The vape pens come in 3 unique blends, each infused with 200mg of broad-spectrum CBD, with terpenes derived from the essential oils of the hemp and cannabis plant.

Uplift blend

Vape this blend to invigorate your mornings with the fresh, zesty notes of lemon and lime, CBD and a bespoke terpene mix to deliver a soothing yet rejuvenating effect.

Balance blend

If you’re looking for more balance and clarity of mind, the Balance blend of CBD, ripe, juicy oranges and a bespoke terpene mix is ideal.

Unwind blend

When you’re looking to chill and just be, the Unwind blend will boost relaxation with CBD and strawberry notes infused within a bespoke terpene mix to ease any anxiety.

The final product we just have to mention is the Unwind candle which like the rest of the Unwind range is designed to promote calm and soothe.

Hand-poured, vegan and made from 100% soy wax it’s also free from paraffin, parabens and palm oil. The candle contains a blend of lavender, bergamot and vetiver essential oils with hints of cedarwood and musk.

As the Lady A brand is all about daily wellness, it makes sense that as well as one-off purchases, they also offer a monthly subscription service for the tinctures and capsules which comes with a 10% discount for every recurring order.

And so we end the second of our special features highlighting female-founded CBD brands and over the next few months, we’ll be featuring more women who are doing something special in our industry. In the meantime, you have time to acquaint yourself with the Lady A line of products!

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