CBD product review - utan Tanning Water

Louise reviews utan CBD Tanning Water

With an end to lockdown finally in sight and holidays, well to some places at least, back on the agenda, it’s time to turbocharge the prep work for getting summer-ready. So what better subject for our guest CBD product review than the sell-out utan CBD tanning water.

Now tanning water is not something we would usually associate with CBD but a look at the ethos behind the brand and the fact that they were the first to introduce CBD-infused tanning gummies, and a CBD tanning water doesn’t seem so far-fetched after all.

CBD product review - utan CBD Tanning Water

A leader in their industry, utan gained fame by creating innovative tanning formulations using health-focused ingredients with products that are all Peta vegan and cruelty-free approved. Clearly, this is no ordinary tanning brand.

With its unique combination of health benefits aligned with tanning innovation, their now-famous CBD tanning water, created in partnership with YouTuber and make-up artist Jamie Genevieve, has become renowned for clearing up acne-prone skin.

This is down to the powerful combination of CBD oil with lavender essential oil. As we know, CBD is gaining a reputation for its anti-inflammatory benefits which help to calm the skin and reduce redness. Add the Lavender essential oil and you not only have a product with a beautiful and relaxing natural scent but one that has soothing anti-bacterial properties.

Just in case you’re wondering how you’re supposed to apply a tanning product that’s actually water, as it’s a fine mist utan say is super easy to use. It also claims to be transfer and streak-free too. Just choose the shade you want, spray your face and wait 4 hours for the tan to develop.

Louise’s review of utan CBD tanning water

We asked Louse Mason, Casting Director at Mark Summers Casting & Management to put the utan CBD Tanning Water through its paces. Here’s what she thought.

CBD product review
Louise, ready to apply utan CBD Tanning Water

First impressions

I’ve used lots of fake tans so consider myself to be a bit of an expert and was looking forward to trying out utan’s CBD Tanning Water.

First impressions were that it had a really nice smell which must be down to the lavender and the instructions were easy to follow. The spray was very light so it did mist over the face and didn’t feel overly wet.

I didn’t apply over a moisturiser or serum which you can do, but I chose to just spray over a cleansed face. It didn’t take a long time to dry and 45 minutes after I’d applied it, I went to bed.

The next morning

When I woke up the next day, there was no colour transfer on the pillow but after the initial lovely smell, it did smell like a typical fake tan – anyone who uses fake tan will know the ‘biscuity’ smell I’m talking about! I cleansed my face as usual and applied my serum and moisturiser.

What I noticed was that overnight, the tan had developed well but had taken more to the t-zone part of my face than the sides. Up close it did look a little patchy though and I have a tendency to sleep with my hand on my face so while the tan didn’t transfer onto the pillow, it definitely did on my hand.

CBD product review
Results after the first application

This could also be because I massaged the tan into my face although I did wash my hands well straight after application – but whatever the reason, my right hand was fake tan stained.

Day 2

Although the product I tested is designed for the face, today I decided to apply it to my neck, arms and shoulders too.

After another application to my face, the colour had definitely evened itself out more and I had a nice, natural colour. It was still stronger on my t-zone but I haven’t had a facial for ages so it had settled on my pores and any fake tan will do that.

I also suffer from Rosacea so my face is always a bit red in the morning but I’m assuming that the CBD in the product helps with redness and puffiness.

The tan worked well on my neck and shoulders but it was very streaky on my arms which is my fault as I didn’t use a mitt. It was also quite sticky and took longer to dry than I thought it would, but again, if I’d used a mitt it would have absorbed quicker.

On the parts of my arm where it didn’t run, I had a nice even looking tan which looked very natural so if you buy the face product and want to use it on your arms, always use a mitt!

CBD product review - Louise Mason
A glowing Louise at the end of Day 2

The verdict

Would I recommend utan CBD Tanning Water? Yes I would, but be prepared for the lovely smell you initially get to evolve into a typical fake tan smell, and it will leave some transfer on your hands.

I always feel better about myself when I have a tan and having a glow definitely made me feel good so apart from those two niggles, it’s a great product which I would say lives up to the hype – and at £18, it won’t break the bank either.

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