CBD Christmas Stocking Gifts

Our guide to this year’s perfect CBD Christmas gifts

If you’re looking to buy a CBD gift this year, we’re about to make your life a whole lot easier. We’ve done the hard work and put together our guide to CBD Christmas Gifts!

There’s something for everyone from luxury gifts to the perfect stocking fillers. It’s all here so read on and start choosing those Christmas Gifts!

Oto Ritual CBD Lip Balm – £19

Oto CBD Ritual Lip Balm

It might be Christmas but it’s still winter and the season of dry, chapped lips. So up the ante and gift the Oto CBD Ritual lip balm. This is one luxurious lip balm combining pure CBD with a complementary blend of jojoba oil, shea and cocoa butters to improve overall lip hydration.

Designed for lips, the Oto CBD lip balm can also be used to moisturise other areas too like elbows or even as a smoother for unruly eyebrows.

Buy from Oto – £19

Cheerful Budha CBD chocolate – £9.95

Cheerful Buddha CBD Chocolate

The perfect indulgence for Christmas evening is this CBD chocolate by Cheerful Buddha and made in partnership with one of the UK’s leading chocolatiers. It’s a luxury, handcrafted Dark Chocolate ‘Bean to Bar’ that comes in three variants – Orange, Mint and Natural.

It’s also the first of its kind as it’s made from single-origin 73% dar chocolate using cocoa beans sustainably sourced from the only cocoa plantation in Seram Island, Indonesia.

Safety Warning: Remember, this is CBD infused so it’s for adults only and a little goes a long way so we recommend that it’s not all eaten in one go.

Buy from Cheerful Buddha – £9.95

Pineapple Express Scented CBD Candle, £29.99

Woodies CBD Candle

We’ll let you in on a little secret… Woodies is a CBD brand owned by Jamie Wood who just happens to be the step-son of Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood!

Bursting onto the scene this year, Woodies offers a range of CBD infused products from oils, vapes and skincare to CBD capsules infused with mushrooms (which is the next big thing in the CBD world).

For our Christmas list, we’re loving their CBD infused Pineapple scented candle to bring a sense of calm and relaxation after the mad bustle of Christmas Day. Made with natural soy wax and coconut wax, the candle contains a CBD concentration of 100mg.

Buy from Woodies – £29.99

Green Stem CBD Aromatic Beard Oil – £20

Green Stem CBD Infused Beard Oil

We’re great fans of Green Stem having already tried their Bath Bombs so we thought we’d include another product from their range.

Step forward the aromatic Green Stem CBD infused Beard Oil, made with a blend of CBD and natural ingredients including Vitamin E, Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Coconut Oils, this is designed to keep the skin and soften coarse hair so beards are left feeling soft and supple.

Even better, although the beard oil is full of beneficial oils for the skin, it won’t leave a greasy beard!

Buy from Green Stem – £20

The CBD Oil Miracle Book – £6.82

The CBD Oil Miracle Book by Laura Lagano

If you’ve read our books on CBD article you’ll know that there are lots of brilliant ones out there, all showcasing the many benefits of CBD.

So if you know someone who wants to delve into the healing power of CBD, you can’t go wrong with one of our favourites, The CBD Oil Miracle by Laura Lagano.

The book goes into so much detail on CBD that it would be impossible for us to list everything but a few highlights are how it can help to boost mood, calm inflammation, improve heart health and regulate the immune system.

The CBD Oil Miracle guides you through the medicinal history, the benefits and the science behind CBD. A fantastic read for the Christmas break.

Buy from Amazon – £6.82

Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum – £47

Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum

If you really want to impress this holiday season, look no further than the Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum from the cult US brand. The range has finally arrived in the UK courtesy of and exclusive to Cult Beauty.

Made in California and evaluated four times (that’s triple the industry standard, FYI) to affirm the integrity of their sustainably sourced ingredients, the vegan formula harnesses a unique blend of whole flower CBD (200mg!) and 28 nourishing, radiance-boosting botanicals, including grapeseed, avocado, pink grapefruit and blood orange.

Designed to be easily absorbed and reveal radiant, soft-to-the-touch skin. You can even add a dash of the relaxing elixir to your bath water, allowing the botanical oils to permeate the water.

Buy from Cult Beauty – £47

Lady A Balance Natural CBD Vape Pen – £28

Lady A Balance Natural CBD Vape Pen

We all know how hectic the Christmas holidays can be and that’s where the Lady A Balance Natural CBD Vape Pen comes in.

Created for everyday use, this vape pen is designed to balance, reframe and focus the mind with a blend of ripe juicy oranges and the Lady A bespoke terpene mix derived from the essential oils of the hemp and cannabis plant.

The Balance blend will help bring that moment of clarity just when you need it.

Safety warning: Please remember, if you are buying these as a gift they are for adults only.

Buy from Lady A – £28

Malin + Goetz Cannabis Perfume Oil – £27

Malin + Goetz Cannabis Perfume Oil

For the ultimate surprise gift, this Malin + Goetz cannabis perfume oil is sure to be a talking point. The perfume oil has been formulated with top notes of fig and pepper, alongside fresh citrus middle notes of orange and lemon.

Its base notes include sandalwood and patchouli to create a unique, complex fragrance. And with no THC, whoever you buy it for will be able to dab away with no side effects.

Buy from Malin + Goetz – £27

Gibson’s Goodology Mixed Case of CBD Drinks – £14.99

Gibson's Goodology CBD Drinks

When you’re looking for a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, there’s nothing better than a case of Gibson’s Goodology tea-based CBD drinks. Developed by one of London’s leading mixologists, Hide’s Oskar Kinberg, each can has 25mg of CBD, infused with different flavour teas and natural fruits.

Buy the case and you won’t have to choose which one to gift as you’ll receive all three:

  • Jasmine Tea with Rhubarb
  • Shiso Tea and Blueberry
  • Green Tea and Passionfruit

The team at Gibson’s are big on natural is best so their drinks don’t contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners. Rest assured, we’ve tried them and love them all!

Buy from Gibson’s Goodology –

Safety warning: Please remember, if you are buying these as a gift they are for adults only.

Buy from Gibson’s Goodology – £14.99

Scientia Green Supreme CBD Vegi-Tox Rescue Mask – £26

Scientia Green Supreme CBD Vegi-Tox Rescue Mask

Christmas dinner, pudding, mince pies, sweets, mulled wine… the list goes on so as well as treating everyone else, why not self-gift the Scientia Green Supreme CBD Vegi-Tox Rescue Mask.

Packed with ingredients that love the skin and that help to brighten, nourish, tackle breakouts and even skin tone.

The unique Vegi-Tox™ complex includes calming CBD and Hemp enhanced by smoothing and moisture barrier boosting Niacinamide and clarifying Bentonite and French Green Clay to give skin a super dose of brightening (and detoxifying) nutrition.  

This little gem is not called the Rescue Mask for nothing because it also contains Avocado, Kiwi, Pistachio, Broccoli, Aloe and Sea-Kale – what’s not to love!

Buy from Scientia – £26

Kloris Luxury CBD Balm – £12

Kloris Luxury CBD Balm

One of our all-time favourite CBD products and sure to make the perfect stocking filler comes from Kloris, this mini size Kloris Luxury CBD balm really is luxury in a pot. The 66mg of CBD is wrapped up in the finest natural butters and oils which work to soothe and nourish dry or irritated skin, as well as helping to ease inflammation and aching joints.

The jar may be a pint-sized 5mg but the balm just glides onto the skin so a little goes a long way.

Buy from Kloris CBD – £12

Canamis Luxury CBD Bath Bomb – £15

Canamis Luxury CBD Bath Bomb

Who doesn’t love a good CBD bath bomb and here’s one from Canamis, a brand we’ve just discovered!

The Canamis Red Mandarin & Pomegrante bath bomb contains Epsom salts and essential oils to aid muscle relaxation and promote a good night’s sleep. As well as the variant we’ve featured, you can also choose from Pomelo & Basil, Rose & Lychee and Saffron & Mango.

Buy from Canamis – £15

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