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Our Remedy: CBD for women with problem periods

When I first started writing about CBD, it was difficult to find a brand with women at the helm, let alone any CBD oil products that had been specially blended to target the specific problems we face. Thankfully, that’s all changed and we’re now seeing brands and products like Our Remedy CBD take centre stage.

Our Remedy was founded in 2019 by Rachel Mason who was inspired to create her own range of CBD products after being put off by the earthy taste some oils have and by a desire to do something that would help other women.

CBD oil specially designed for women

Rachel found her calling after discovering CBD whilst looking for new ways to deal with her anxiety, PMT monthly ups and downs, reproductive challenges, and an ovarian cancer scare. 

It takes a woman to not only understand the problems women face but also the impact they can have, particularly on things like self-esteem and confidence. 

Step forward Rachel and Our Remedy with their signature products, Pretty Peaceful CBD oil and the award-winning Moon Swings CBD oil, both of which were created to help women find hormonal balance and manage problem periods and the anxiety and pain that can go with them.

The two oils are 100% natural, vegan, and handmade in the UK using organic ingredients, and to prevent that earthy taste, they are blended with a Grapeseed oil carrier base.

You also have the option of either 5% CBD which is great if you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been using CBD for a while and want to try something stronger, you can opt for the 10% bottle.

The oils are recommended as a daily supplement, half a pipette, directly under the tongue. An added bonus is that they also offer a monthly subscription service.

Moon Swings is the Hero product and winner of Hip & Healthy Magazine’s ‘Best CBD for Periods’ Award. As the name suggests it’s designed to help manage those monthly mood swings and is flavoured with Peppermint oil but to help women feel more balanced, and decrease the feelings of nausea and cramping caused by menstruation.

Crucially, there’s also Clary Sage, the Mediterranean herb that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s believed to combat anxiety and has shown great promise in helping to reduce menstrual cramps.

Our Remedy Pretty Peaceful

The other big hitter at Our Remedy is the soothing, dreamy Pretty Peaceful which has been developed to promote general relaxation and help you get a good night’s sleep. 

Accompanying the broad-spectrum CBD is an infusion of calming and restful 100% organic Lavender oil and Geranium oil which is known for its anti-anxiety qualities.

Finally, anti-inflammatory Sweet Orange oil is included which has reported mood-enhancing benefits and gives Pretty Peaceful a delightful natural sweetness.

Both oils can be taken on their own or used to supercharge hot drinks with wellness benefits so feel free to add them to hot chocolates, coffees and herbal teas.

A brand with purpose

Rachel at Our Remedy exemplifies the new breed of small business owners who are genuinely concerned about our future and want to look after the environment, whilst using the brand’s raison d’etre as a means of helping others.

I was lucky enough to be sent both of the Our Remedy CBD oils to try and besides discovering two great tasting oils, I was impressed that everything about the packaging is sustainable, from the biodegradable bags to the use of soy ink and recycled card.

When you buy your first bottle of Our Remedy CBD, they recommend you opt for a bottle with a pipette. Once that’s finished you can order a plastic-free refill bottle so you can re-use the pipette, an option which at the time of writing, only Our Remedy offer to help avoid unnecessary waste.

It makes sense when you think about it: how many bottles of CBD do we buy that, as well as mounds of unnecessary packaging, add one more plastic pipette to our bins, a stopover on a journey to a landfill site where it will sit for thousands of years.

“Self care doesn’t have to be selfish care”

Rachel, Founder of Our Remedy

Supporting an end to Period Poverty

It’s no surprise that a brand with a mission to address issues affecting women and people with periods is doing its bit to put an end to ‘period poverty’ by supporting the UK charity, Bloody Good Period.

Period poverty means being unable to access sanitary products, often due to financial constraints and a situation that has worsened since the Covid-19 pandemic.

A recent study by the PHS Group Involving more than 1,000 girls aged 13 to 18 years at school or college in the UK*, looked at the effects of the pandemic (April 2020-21). The results – and we’ve only included a few of the stats, are depressing.

  • One in 9 girls (11%) stayed off school because they couldn’t afford to buy menstrual products
  • One in 7 girls (14%) said they struggled to access period products 
  • Over a third (35%) of teenage girls took time off school because of their period 
  • 25% had gone without sanitary products
  • Over 30% resorted to using non-sanitary products
  • 38% used dedicated products for longer than advised 

For those of us who don’t think twice about buying menstrual products, let’s just take a minute to put ourselves in those girls’ shoes who have to create their own sanitary products – and then imagine the impact that must have on their mental wellbeing.

Our Remedy CBD oil
Every time a bottle of Our Remedy is bought, a donation is made to Bloody Good Period to help put an end to period poverty.

Inspiring us to make a difference

Our Remedy is doing their bit by ensuring that for every full-price bottle of Moon Swings or Pretty Peaceful CBD oil they sell, a donation is made to Bloody Good Period who provide products to those who can’t afford them.

They also fight to eradicate the shame and stigma around periods and menstruation through conversation – a stigma which incidentally, 39% of the girls surveyed believe needs to be removed

We love a brand with a social purpose and that’s why Our Remedy and its social mission resonates with us. They’re helping women through the month with high-quality, natural CBD-infused products whilst ensuring their packaging is helping turn the tide against disposable plastic and toxic inks.

Just as importantly, they’re inspiring us to help those in need because every time we buy one of their CBD oils, we know that through them and Bloody Good Period, we’re doing our bit to help those girls retain their dignity and self-respect. So if you want to buy award-winning CBD oil whilst doing good, then maybe it’s time you headed over to Our Remedy.

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