Guest CBD Product Review - Pamela Brown

Pamela reviews the This Works CBD Booster

For our first guest CBD product review, we asked Pamela Brown, Chief Marketing Officer for Vodafone Smart Tech and busy mum of two to road test one of the This Works CBD Boosters.

The range consists of five clinically proven and 98% natural skincare boosters expertly blended with 1% pure hemp-derived CBD isolate and active molecules held in a unique bi-phase serum for powerful results without irritation.

Each booster is designed to target a specific skincare concern and can be applied alone as an intensive boosting treatment or mixed into a regular moisturiser for a gentler effect.

Even better, the boosters can also be mixed into your body moisturiser too.

Pamela decided to try the My Wrinkles CBD Booster + Backuchiol and this is what she thought.

Being bi-racial, half-Chinese and half Italian, I have freckled skin, sun damage with pigmentation marks and I also suffer from dry skin, so overall quite problematic.

Last summer I started using retinol and began to see positive results with regards to my skin pigmentation, but I stopped using retinol in December 2020, so I was ready to try something new. 

Bakuchiol is billed as a plant-based alternative to retinol and isn’t new to me as it’s been an ingredient in other beauty products I’ve used but never as a combination with CBD.

I had heard of CBD oil but I wasn’t too familiar with it as an ingredient in facial skincare.

When you’re getting older you’re happy to try anything that promises better skin so I was curious to try the This Works Booster to see if the combination of CBD and Bakuchiol would live up to its promise and give me a ‘visibly smoother, brighter, good-looking skin’. 

This Works CBD Booster + Bakuchiol

This Works My Wrinkles CBD Booster + Bakuchiol

The packaging:

The product packaging is sleek, simple and looks pure, so that gave me real confidence before I had even applied the Booster. I had heard a lot of positive feedback about Bakuchiol – a natural plant-based alternative to Retinol, which really appealed to me which is why I was keen to try this product.

The product:

The Booster comes in a bottle with a pipette applicator which you can squeeze onto your finger tips or as I do – straight onto a cleansed and toned face before bed. The texture isn’t too oily, which is really nice as sometimes with night oils you feel a bit too oily before bed.

This product doesn’t feel like that at all. It is clear with a hint of yellow and has what looks like oil and bubbles in it. I probably used 2 drops on my forehead and a drop on either cheek which I lightly patted into my skin.

 I loved the feel of the serum on my face and although it has a subtle smell it’s not overpowering, Overall, it has a beautiful soft texture, not too oily and perfect for the evening before bed.

The verdict:

I started using this on the 25th of January, just a few days before my 40th birthday and I’m still using it.  After using it religiously each evening I soon noticed that in the morning I was waking up to much brighter and dewier skin.  

Using the This Works Booster alongside my daily routine over these past two months has left me feeling much more confident to go make-up free, especially as I have Zoom calls all day, which has been a real bonus. 

Even without using retinol, my pigmentation continues to improve and my skin is starting to look more even-toned.  I’ve also noticed an improvement in the wrinkles around the corners of my eyes and forehead and they’re definitely a lot less visible. 

In summary:

The This Works My Wrinkles CBD Booster + Bakuchiol really did live up to its claim and when my bottle finishes, I absolutely intend on purchasing another one. 

 I’d be happy to recommend it as it’s not one of those super-expensive miracle creams that promise the world and then don’t deliver.   The CBD Booster is a very effective, no fuss serum that has delivered the type of results a girl with my type of skin needs. 

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