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Product Review: We try two popular CBD face oils

First, we went crazy for CBD as a supplement, now it’s making its way onto the beauty shelves and popping up in creams, toners, serums, CBD face oils and anything else we can put on our faces.

Whilst research is still ongoing into the reported benefits of CBD in skincare it does have anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, and anti-oxidant properties which makes it an ideal infusion to products aimed at helping us look after our skin.

It also shares part of the ‘fingerprint’ of our genetics, which means that the body can instantly recognise what it is, and use it accordingly. You can see why it’s suddenly become very popular and why the beauty industry is taking note.

It’s easy to dismiss CBD as just another passing beauty fad but its potency, especially when combined with other more well-known skincare ingredients suggests that this is one ‘fad’ that’s here to stay.

When it comes to beauty, I’m a long time fan of facial oils; they make such a difference to the skin and I honestly believe they keep lines and wrinkles at bay.

I mix my oils with moisturiser during the day and then use them on their own at night but everyone has their own routine depending on what works best for them.

When I looked at the CBD skincare products available I was naturally drawn to try some of the oils that are popping up in stores and online and the two I decided to try were the Kiskanu CBD Skin Oil and Revolution CBD Skin Nourishing Oil.

Here’s how I got on.

Revolution CBD Skin Nourishing Oil

CBD face oils

You have to hand it Revolution as not only have they launched a CBD skin oil, they’ve launched a whole line of CBD products including a face tonic, super serum and cream.

Another plus point is the fact that the most expensive product is just £12 which makes them very purse-friendly for those on a budget.

The oil itself has been developed to calm and soothe skin prone to dryness and sensitivity with nourishing properties and a high concentration of rich fatty acids. In addition to the CBD oil, you’ll find Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Coconut Oil.

The 30ml colourless oil comes in a glass bottle, always a good sign, with a pipette. I did find the consistency of the oil quite thin and noticed that it took a while to absorb into my skin, which I can’t really criticise because it has, after all, been developed for very dry skin.

However, I found it so oily that towards the end of my testing period, I preferred to use it in the evenings rather than the day. I stuck with it but after 6 weeks, I can’t say that I noticed a massive difference in my skin

I stuck with it but after 6 weeks, I have to be honest and say that I really struggled to see any difference in my skin either in appearance or texture.

I would also have liked to have seen more information on the CBD content but I couldn’t see any on either the packaging or product label.

This was not for me but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Revolution has created one of the first full ranges of CBD infused skincare, and if you’re looking to try a CBD face oil that won’t break the bank, this may be a good product to start with.

Available at Superdrug – £9.99

Kiskanu CBD Skin Oil

CBD face oils

The US-based, family-owned Kiskanu brand uses premium organic whole-plant extracts in a base of cold-pressed, virgin, organic oils in their small but premium range of products and what I particularly like is the fact that they’re all lab tested and, you can find the reports on their website.

So the first thing I noticed when I opened the Kiskanu CBD Face Oil was the gorgeous smell of the rose geranium which has been included for its wound-healing properties, ability to soothe blemishes and inflammation and calm anxiety and irritation.

Alongside the Rose Geranium is 100mg of Hemp CBD, Calendula, Lavender, Wild Carrot which is a gentle cell rejuvenator and an excellent first line of defence for supporting ageing or environmentally stressed skin.

The Kiskanu oil is also high in Vitamins A and E to promote youthful skin through collagen formation. This oil is a deep golden colour with a rich texture that melts into the skin, and after six weeks of using it my skin did have a new radiance to it – at least that’s what I kept being told.

For me, I love everything about this oil and it’s definitely a keeper. Yes, at £40, it’s not exactly the cheapest CBD face oil out there, but if you’re looking to invest in a good one that will deliver results then you can’t go wrong with the Kiskanu oil.

Available at Molecule – £40

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