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Relax with 10 of the best CBD bath products around

Bath times are our time. A chance to shut out the world, light a candle or two, and just be. There’s no better feeling than unwinding in a warm bath and enjoying the calmness that descends over you as the mind and body gradually relax. And that’s where CBD bath products come in.

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to destress, trust us when we say that you should seriously consider investing in a CBD bath bomb or some CBD bath salts.

Known for its calming, healing, and restoring effects, CBD can help to promote relaxation, help us get a good night’s sleep, and enhance our overall sense of wellness.

Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of CBD bath bombs and CBD salts to try and the benefits start to happen as soon as you dissolve the bomb or sprinkle the salts into a warm bath, as that’s when the infusions start to break down and release into the water.

Whilst you’re soaking and the warmth of the water has opened your pores, the goodness of the minerals, CBD oil and terpenes plus any essential oils contained within the product will be absorbed into both your skin and your bloodstream.

CBD is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits which can help to relax tired and aching muscles, especially after a workout or if you’re suffering from a stiff neck and shoulders after a day spent tapping away at your keyboard.

As CBD is an anti-oxidant too, it can help to nourish the skin and along with the anti-inflammatory benefits it can also help to fight irritation and redness associated with psoriasis, eczema and acne.

The benefits of a CBD bath are not just confined to skincare as it really can help to reduce stress and anxiety. That’s because CBD works with the Endocannabinoid System, which is responsible for regulating our mood, so making time for a soothing bath can help boost serotonin levels which can have a positive impact on our emotions.

So what to look out for when buying a CBD-infused bath product.

  • Look for products that combine the CBD with specific therapeutic minerals and essential oils to enhance the overall effect
  • As with anything that’s going to be absorbed by the skin, always read the instructions so you know how long you need to soak to ensure your body gets the maximum benefit
  • Always buy from a reputable brand

To save you time and energy because after all, this is about relaxation, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 CBD bathing products, all from brilliant companies and all at different price points.

Foria Relief CBD & Kava Bath Salts

CBD Bath Products - Foria Relief CBD & Kava Bath Salts

Inspired by the healing ritual of bathing, the Foria Relief CBD bath salts are formulated to melt tension in your body and mind while deeply soothing aches and strains.

The uplifting mineral-rich Epsom salts are enhanced CBD as well as infusions of organically-grown kava, arnica, ginger, and hemp, and enlivened with organic fir, eucalyptus, peppermint oils and cedar tips.

Buy at The Drug Store – £44.99

The Float Spa CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Products - Float Spa CBD Bath Bombs

Brighton-based The Float Spa is, as the name suggests, the place to go for floatation therapy as well as yoga, acupuncture and many more holistic therapies.

They also have their own brand CBD bath bombs which they make on-site and use a higher amount of natural Epsom salt to maximise the benefits.

There are three bath bombs to choose from, each infused with 28mg of water-soluble CBD powder and essential oils so you can choose between Orange, Clary Sage and Lavender or Lavender and Rose Petals. As a finishing touch, all come sprinkled with dried Marigold petals.

Buy at The Float Spa – £12.50

Nature of Things Bath Soak

CBD Bath Products - Nature of Things CBD Bath Soak

Nature of Things have combined ecologically sourced magnesium chloride with broad-spectrum CBD for a soak that enhances relaxation and promotes a restorative night’s sleep.

60mg of CBD join papaya enzyme, passionflower and french green clay working together to soothe the body and detoxify the skin, making this the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day. Vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Buy at John Lewis – £34

Kloris CBD Bath Blocks

CBD Bath Products - Kloris CBD Bath Blocks

KLORIS CBD Bath Blocks detox, nourish, soften and exfoliate while boosting immunity and infusing the skin with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

The blocks are hand-made with premium ingredients and the four variants all include salts, powders, clays, butters, oils and waxes.

  • Revive your body with anti-oxidant Fig, create a reviving ritual with comforting Cypress, Vetivert and CBD.
  • Relax as Lavender and CBD soak your cares away. 
  • Recharge your batteries with Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli and CBD.
  • Restore your mind and body with this powerful combination of Magnesium and CBD.

You can buy the Kloris Bath Blocks individually or in a pack of 4 and all come boxed and sealed in a biodegradable cellulose wrap.

Whilst you’re relaxing you’ll be doing some good for the Charity Help Refugees / Choose Love as Kloris donates £1 for every CBD Bath Block it sells on its website.

Hot Tip: Kloris products are luxurious which means your bathtub will get very slippery so take care as you get in and out.

Buy at Kloris from £15

Apothem Botanical CBD Bath Salts

CBD Bath Products - Apothem Botanical CBD Salts

Pure bath salts enriched with a whopping 2500mg of CBD together with hard-working botanicals and minerals including Arnica to repair, Epsom Salts to comfort and Magnesium to soothe.

Apothem’s indulgent triple-salt Rosemary scented blend is the perfect way for weary bodies to unwind and instil a sense of peace after a long day.

Buy at The Drug Store – £65

The Tonic CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs - The Tonic CBD Bath Bombs

These CBD bath bombs from The Tonic may be small but they pack a powerful punch and the packaging is an experience in itself! The six mini 15g bath bombs are infused with 15g of CBD and three distinct scents.

  • Cinnamon Spice – warming and relaxing to stimulate deep heat within. Pine, cinnamon and orange oils are perfect for a post-hike soak.
  • Jasmine Rose and Ylang, Ylange – stimulates circulation, moisturises dry skin, soothes your skin and body and helps to maintain a sense of wellbeing.
  • Sandalwood, Orange and Black Pepper – a natural skin balancer to relax, ground and promote ease throughout the body.

Buy at The Tonic – £15 for six bath bombs

Westlab Mindful CBD Bath Salts

CBD Bath Products - Westlab Mindful CBD Bath Salts

Westlab is well known for its range of bath salts and they’ve now added a CBD version to the range. Magnesium-rich Epsom and Himalayan mineral salts combine with the heady fragrance of Frankincense and Bergamot essential oils to help encourage a deeper sense of relaxation.

Buy at Boots – from £2.99

Dr Ed Rest CBD Bath Salts

CBD Bath Products - Dr Ed Rest CBD Bath Salts

The Dr Ed Rest CBD baths salts are designed to help shut your mind to the outside world so ideal if you’re looking to get a restful night’s sleep. Containing 60mg of premium CBD as well as carefully selected essential oils and plant extracts including geranium, chamomile and mandarin.

The bath salts come in three particular variants – Rest, Calm and Relief. Dr Ed is offering Ciao CBD readers a 20% discount so just quote Ciao CBD at the checkout.

Buy at Dr Ed CBD – £24.99

Green Stem CBD Bath Bomb

CBD Bath products - Green Stem Bath Bomb

Green Stem bath bombs are expertly crafted from pure Argan and coconut oil to leave the skin with a deep and long-lasting nourished sensation, made even more potent with a decadent swirl of evening primrose oil to promote skin softness and hydration.

Infused with 100mg of CBD and a generous helping of shea butter to help restore skin elasticity and aid in the healing of scars and general skin irritations. 

The one we’ve featured is scented with Gardenia and Sandalwood and you can also choose a bath bomb infused with Sandalwood, Lavender and Jasmine. If you want to know what this one’s like, you can read our review.

Buy at Green Stem – £10

Mindful Extracts CBD Bath Bomb

CBD bath products - Mindful Extracts Bath Bomb

Mindful Extract’s bergamot and Lemon CBD Bath Bomb will help to reduce anxiety levels. The lemon oil is good for stress and relieving fatigue while bergamot is known for its mood-boosting effects.

Each bath bomb comes with 100mg of full-spectrum CBD and if Lemon isn’t doing it for you, there’s also Lavender and Avocado oil and Eucalyptus and Peppermint variants.

Buy singly or as a box of three. And the best bit is that for every CBD product you buy, Mindful Extracts will plant a tree!

Buy at Mindful Extracts – £9.99

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