OTO Christmas Pop-up store

Run, don’t walk to the OTO Christmas pop-up store

If you haven’t visited yet, you have until Christmas Eve to get down to the OTO Christmas pop up in London’s Covent Garden because this is a CBD wellness experience you don’t want to miss.

If you know your CBD, you’ll know that the award-winning OTO is one of a handful of UK boutique brands that are putting CBD on the mainstream map and this pop-up will only boost their reputation.

The best way to describe it is that from the moment you step inside you’re cocooned in the calming world of OTO, with an experience that seduces as well as educates.

On arrival, I was greeted by the lovely Vlora who asked if I was familiar with CBD and gave me a bit of background about OTO and seemed genuinely pleased when I told her that I was familiar with the brand.

I was half expecting Vlora to go into hyper sales mode but she didn’t which was such a positive because there’s nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed by over-enthusiastic salespeople. Vlora got it just right, she was friendly and attentive but not at all pushy. In fact, everyone I encountered at the store could not have been friendlier and happy to answer questions.

One of the highlights for me was the offer of a hot chocolate infused with the OTO CBD Booster. It’s a flavourless and water-soluble blend of CBD and Ashwagandha which you can add to any drink plus, it’s vegan so it passed my friend Louie’s test too. I can’t say the CBD was delicious because it was tasteless but the hot chocolate definitely was!

As well as the CBD Booster, you can also discover the alcohol-free CBD Cocktail Bitters which come with the OTO CBD Mindful Menu that is packed with a range of delicious cocktails you can make with the Bitters.

Of course, it’s only natural that the OTO CBD product range takes centre stage but it’s wrapped in a layer of wellness, designed to help us understand how using the products, whether it’s an oil, a drink or a skincare product can help to boost our sense of calm, focus and sleep. And if you’re into your CBD beauty, you can pick up The CBD Beauty Book by Colleen Quinn, which details how you can make your own beauty products using CBD oil.

Brands like OTO understand that CBD should be seen not as the Holy Grail but as one part of an overall wellness regime and what I really liked about the pop-up is how they’ve incorporated different forms of wellness from Soundbaths and Sound Healings to Wreath Making workshops. Details below and all the events take place at the store at 7 James Street, which is literally a two-minute walk from Covent Garden tube station.

If you get a chance to visit the OTO CBD Christmas pop-up we can’t recommend it highly enough. It really is an immersive experience and the assistants Vlora and Mandeep are fun, clued up on the products and let you explore at your own pace but are always on hand to help. Plus, they gifted me a sample of their award-winning sleep drops which I can’t wait to try next time I’m struggling to sleep – watch out for the review!

It’s just a shame that this is just a pop-up and not a permanent store but who knows, perhaps that’s next on the cards for OTO.

Whilst I visited the store with the intention of writing an article about my experience, I didn’t tell them that I was planning on doing so until I’d been there for a while, so the way I was treated is clearly the way they treat everyone who visits so if you want to learn more about CBD then definitely take the time to experience the pop up for yourself.

As I walked out of the store, I heard a lady say to her friend ‘Oh look, here’s another CBD store’ and I was reminded of that M&S ad – no this is not just a CBD store, this is the OTO CBD store! The OTO Christmas pop up store is at 7 James Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 8BH, until 24th December.

Now that you’re here…

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