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The best CBD starter kits to try before you buy

As CBD oil grows in popularity, many of you may be tempted to try it but hesitate for a number of reasons; cost, which brand you should buy, which strength you should take – is it good or bad oil. That’s why CBD starter kits are such a great way to try a product before you spend your money.

For example, if you don’t like tart, earthy tastes, you may not like CBD which is infused in a hemp carrier oil and may want to try a flavoured variant or one that’s tasteless.

Well, fear not, a growing number of CBD brands have realised this and are now offering CBD oil sample bottles or kits at a lower price point so you can try first without having to splash out on a full bottle.

The best CBD starter kits

Cannacares Sample Box

CBD Starter Kits

The Cannacares Themed Sample Box allows you to try four 5ml variations of 10% CBD Oil each formulated with a specific essential oil or vitamin to enhance your CBD experience.

NIGHT – This CBD Oil is formulated with Lavender and was conceived to assist those who may struggle during the night. The NIGHT CBD oil has a Spearmint flavour. 

WAKE – For morning use the WAKE CBD oil is formulated with Coenzyme Q10 to get your day off to a great start. The WAKE CBD oil has a Tangerine flavour. 

IMMUNITY – A CBD oil combined with Vitamin D to provide your immune system with a helping hand. The IMMUNITY CBD oil has a Tangerine Flavour. 

CALM – Formulated to help you relax, the combination of CBD and Chamomile helps you to remain calm through life’s tribulations. The CALM CBD oil has a Spearmint flavour. 

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CBII Discovery Duo CBD Oil Starter Kit

CBD Starter Kits

The CBII CBD oil starter kit contains a week’s worth of 2% and 5% CBD oil so you can try the different strengths to find the one that’s right for you.

The exclusive LINNEA315CSE™ full-spectrum CBD extract is award-winning and produced in Switzerland to provide a superior and consistent quality

And when you buy the CBD oil starter kit you’ll also receive a complimentary 7-day CBD starter capsule kit with added vitamins to support your immune system. Gluten-free and vegan-friendly, the products do not contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Our medium-strength full spectrum oil contains 20mg of CBD per mL. Start your journey here, and adjust your dosage as needed to find your sweet spot.

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Bud & Tender CBD Oil Starter Kit

CBD Starter Kits

Bud & Tender offer a 1ml sample containing 100mg of filter-pure CBD oil made from the flowers of the cannabis Sativa (hemp) plant which includes terpenes to deliver an entourage effect.

As with the LDN CBD’s oil, Bud & Tender’s CBD is contained in a coconut carrier oil but with a fresh, fruity and floral taste.

The bottle will provide 30 drops of oil so enough for a few days to see how you get on. What we like about Bud & Tender is that they make their products in the UK and they’re suitable for vegans and are non-GMO.

An added extra is that when you order the sample bottle, you’ll also receive a 10% off voucher which can be redeemed against the purchase of a full-sized bottle.

Buy at Bud & Tender from £10

CBD Brothers CBD Trial Sizes

CBD Starter Kits

A Gold Star has got to go to CBD Brothers for the range of CBD oil trial sizes. Their CBD oils are produced from ethically grown plants on small artisan farms across Europe and contain the full spectrum of Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids as well as essential fatty acids- Omega 3,6 and 9.

Their products include full cannabis extracts and herbal supplements, many from their own crops which are grown and harvested in Guernsey and Suffolk, as well as being selected from hand-picked companies that follow strict guidelines.

What makes this brand different from some of the others is the fact that they produce CBD from both the Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica plants as well as offering a hybrid variant.

Sativa strains of the hemp plant are reported to have an invigorating, energising effect that can help to reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and focus, whilst Indica strains are associated with increased relaxation and reducing insomnia.

As the name suggests, hybrid oils are a cross between Sativa and Indica plants. All oils are clearly labelled on their website along with the relevant information so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

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Kloris CBD Starter Kit

CBD Starter Kits

The CBD Starter Kit from Kloris is on the more expensive side but having tried their ethically produced and organic products, they’re excellent especially the Luxury CBD balm. This is what you get in the Starter Kit which comes in all-natural cotton ‘Let Nature Love You’ pouch:

  • 5% CBD Oral Oil Drops (5ml bottle, 100 drops or 2-3 weeks usage)
  • CBD Superboost Face Oil (10ml bottle, 200 drops, or 1-2 months usage)
  • Travel CBD Balm pot (5ml pot, approx. 3-4 weeks usage)

Kloris are also big on Zero Waste so you’ll find that all their packaging is 100% recyclable and 95% of their product and postage materials are biodegradable, with nothing wrapped in plastic or excessively packaged.

Buy at Kloris – £88

Hempen Self Care Kit

CBD Starter Kits

Hempen Co-operative is a group of motivated and inspired folk dedicated to creating hemp products for the health of people, the community, and the planet.

On their farm on the Hardwick Estate, in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, they’ve been growing organic hemp since 2015.

Though they’re not currently growing hemp due to what is still a controversial decision by the Home Office they collaborate with other organic farmers. So, what’s in the box:

Organic CBD Coconut Oil

A mini version of their unique blend of organic, the 28ml jar includes 127mg of broad-spectrum CBD with organic coconut oil. As well as CBD, the oil includes minor cannabinoids including CBG, CBGA, CBC, CBDV, CBDVA.

Mini Refined Mellow Yellow CBD Oil

Part of their refined range – a mini bottle of organic golden CBD oil which is carried in their own UK-grown organic hemp seed oil.

Extracted by alcohol and has been developed to retain a rich spectrum of terpenes, giving it a luscious taste reminiscent of fresh hemp harvests!

Each 3ml bottle of REFINED Organic CBD Oil contains approximately 70 drops with 2.1mg CBD per drop.

Mini Refined Orange Zeal CBD Oil

Again, part of the refined range – this is a green, golden oil containing 10% CBD infused in their UK-grown organic hemp seed oil. Each 3ml bottle of Refined Organic CBD Oil contains approximately 70 drops with 4.2mg CBD per drop.

Buy at Hempen

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