We chat with the Dr Ed CBD team about their new CBD oils

With a neuroscientist as one half of the team behind Dr Ed CBD, the brand was probably always going to stand a good chance of success.

We all have that Eureka moment when we realise we were meant to use our knowledge and skills to do something completely different from the path we’d originally taken. This is exactly what happened to neuroscientist Dr Ed Jones (sitting on the right in the above photo) when he decided to use his scientific background to start his own line of CBD oils with his business partner Alex.

The Manchester-based brand was only founded in 2018 but Dr Ed CBD has already made its mark with features in the national press and awards for its popular and highly effective range of oils.

With a PhD in Neuroscience, which touched on the Endocannabinoid System, Dr Ed used his understanding of human health and physiology to develop the product range, which is developed and made in their state of the art £3.5m production facility in Stockport.

Dr Ed CBD was one of the first brands in the UK to offer targeted oil blends to meet different needs so it’s super easy to find the one that’s right for you. The Calm, Relief, Focus and Energy oils are produced at the Dr Ed production plant using a particular mixing method to ensure the CBD concentration in each product is exactly what it says it is. They also provide full lab reports for each batch so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Dr Ed and long-time friend Alex are passionate about their mission to remove some of the misconceptions that still surround CBD oil and to make their products accessible to everyone, which is one of the reasons they offer special discounts to the Armed Forces and NHS Staff.

The inspiration behind Dr Ed CBD

We caught up with Dr Ed to find out more about the brand and talk about all things CBD. If you read through to the end you’ll find out how ciao CBD readers can get an exclusive 20% discount on their products.

Dr Ed with co-founder Alex in the background at their state of the art production facility where Dr ED CBD is produced. Video courtesy of Manchester Evening News.

Has your background in Neuroscience given you an edge in the CBD market?

My scientific background helped enormously when creating the Dr Ed products. One of the things we noticed was the huge amount of mis-selling occurring in the market – which is a mix of ignorance and deceit from many ‘brands’.

We wanted to be the exact opposite of this and actually help to fix the problem of consumer confusion and mistrust.

My PhD, along with two previous degrees, means I have a very strong grasp of the current literature and science surrounding human health and cannabinoids in general so I use my knowledge, especially on our website, to inform and educate so that consumers can make up their own minds about their health and whether to try CBD oil.

Has being a ‘Dr’ made you more credible with consumers?

My ‘Dr’ title stems from my PhD as opposed to being a medical doctor but it has certainly helped in the sense that people are more inclined to listen to what I have to say.

A scientist like myself with deep knowledge of this area is probably more useful than a GP from a consumer standpoint if they want to know more about the actual science and evidence behind CBD.

Your medical doctor is then the person you should go to for advice on how to proceed if you are unsure, especially if you are taking other medications. In this way, both types of Doctors can work hand in hand to protect consumers.

However, something I always say, even on our website, is not to blindly trust voices of ‘authority’ when it comes to your own health.

We try and give consumers as much information as possible, be that a detailed breakdown of the science behind CBD or links to useful articles or videos so that they can come to a conclusion on their own.

How did you create the formulations to address different needs?

As far as we are aware, very few brands have high-quality terpene CBD oil like ours and none have the specific formulations ours do. Broad and full-spectrum hemp extracts naturally contain a range of terpenes found in the cannabis plant, as does our CBD oil.

However, we have taken this one step further – we sourced over 20 different terpenes not just from cannabis but other terpene-producing plants. These are then mixed in a guarded ratio into our Unique Terpene Blends which are then added to our base broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Terpene research, although not as substantial as that of cannabinoids, suggests that terpenes may have some useful physiological effects, some of which appear to mirror that of cannabidiol itself.

For example, our terpene blend, which forms a major part of our Calm CBD Oil, contains the terpene myrcene which has been shown to have sedative-like effects in animal models.

Consumer feedback to these specific blends has been fantastic and they seem to really resonate with a lot of people.

What’s behind the special discounts for the Armed Forces and NHS Staff?

We’re a British brand and Brits always stand behind their National Health Service and Armed Forces. Especially in times of quite intense political rivalry and disagreement, these sorts of institutions still unite us in support.   As individuals, and as a company, we wanted to do our bit, however small.

The NHS remains the envy of much of the world. It is not perfect but the tireless work by nurses, doctors and support staff must be acknowledged in any way we can.

While the NHS keeps us well, the brave men and women of the British Armed Forces keep us safe, but this often comes at a price to them (both mental and physical) and CBD and other cannabinoids may be able to offer some respite.  We also offer the same discounts to seniors and those who are registered disabled.

We love the Dr Ed branding, what inspired the design?

Thank you very much for saying that, it means a lot!  The largest consumers of CBD in this country are people over the age of 40, specifically women over the age of 40. Additionally, the potential CBD market dwarfs the recreational cannabis market.

We noticed that many brands were producing (in our opinion) slap-dash brand and graphic work with no real story in an effort to start selling often shoddy products.

Many were relying on ‘weed’ imagery which our market research told us was a very bad move and something we never wanted to do. Dr Ed as a brand is here to educate and inform everyone looking to improve their health, not just people who enjoy recreational cannabis.

As such our branding is designed specifically to be clear, crisp and with a medical slant to appeal to a wide market. My business partner Alex and I created the branding and website – his substantial background in design and marketing certainly helped!

How close are you and Alex to the production side of things?

We have a unique industry partnership with our current suppliers and developed our product line with their support – making use of pharmaceutical-grade laboratories, testing and analytical facilities as well as impressive automated bottling systems.

In a nutshell, Alex and I sat down with their technicians and a detailed series of meetings and tests ultimately led to the creation of our oils. We worked alongside them very closely during initial development but like with any production partnership their role is now to produce our products based on consumer demand.

We have a strong ongoing relationship with them and recently took a number of journalists on a tour of the facility highlighting this relationship.

Which markets are you currently focussing on?

We are very much focused on the UK as this is our base of operations however, we are in advanced talks with European distributors as well as some of the more well-known CBD retailers who wish to stock our products.

Aside from our ongoing work in Europe, our main goals for expansion are into the USA and Japan which we are now starting to plan and are entering into early discussions with prospective distributors.

As a young brand, have you been surprised by the interest in you?

It’s always surprising to see your reports or stories picked up by major news outlets. Our story was picked up by The Sun, The Daily Star, The Daily Express, The Metro and The Manchester Evening News as well as a huge number of their online spin-offs.

We’ve been contacted by large cannabis organisations and other brands asking for comments and all sorts which has been exciting. We’ve even been given free tickets to cannabis expos and events in various countries.  

Do you see yourself moving into the retail space in the future?

Our focus right now is online sales and having our products in retailers and this is a plan we want to take across Europe and the USA.

What’s next for Dr Ed CBD?

The industry is yearning for knowledgeable leaders who actually care about the industry and consumers and aren’t just jumping on the bandwagon to make a ‘quick buck’ and we think our unique product line along with our story and credentials put us in a strong position to emerge as a market leader in the next few years.

On top of that, we have quite a few exciting products currently being developed in the labs which we are looking forward to revealing in the coming months.

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